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So now you have some free bitcoins from our main home page or from one of the other sites on our list of the best bitcoin faucets, and you have set yourself up with one of the" best bitcoin wallets - which also gave you some extra free bitcoins - and now you feel like its time to turn your hand to trading and become a financial whiz kid? Well ok then, we can help with that! If you want to really make some money trading bitcoin or any other kind of alt coin, or alternative digital currency, then you will probably need to get yourself a 'trading bot'. You see, the thing is that machines really are better than humans at most things these days, and day trading is no different - an automated trading strategy using software is more likely to bring you in the big money that manually placing trades yourself. But this kind of thing can be very costly. Even 'off the self' solutions can be quite expensive, and don't forget that you also need to keep enough coins to trade with. But we have still managed to find two great options which you can use on a budget.
  • CryptoTrader Is probably the best automated trading site for cryptocurrencies. They have a platform which allows programmers and experienced traders to upload their own strategies and bots, backtest them, and if they want to they can also sell them on the marketplace to other users. This marketplace does include several free bitcoin bots for many of the most popular exchanges. There is no membership - you only pay for the premium bots and strategies, so if you choose one of these free bots there is no cost at all except for the fac that you need to have a balance on one of the supported exchanges to trade with.
  • Butter Bot is one of the most established and popular automated trading tools for bitcoin. They don't have a permanently free option, but they do offer a free trial - and you never know, perhaps you will be able to make enough profit during this trial period to pay their membership fee.