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The Best Free Bitcoin Wallets

Ok, so you've got yourself some free bitcoins from our main page to get started in the world of digital currency, But now, naturally, you are looking for the best wallet to put them in. Well don't stress baby, we have some excellent suggestions for you - and not only can you use all of these services for free - you can even get yourself some more free bitcoins to fill your freshly created wallet with from some of them.

If you want to get as many freebies as possible you can even sign up for them all!

Free Bitcoin Wallet List
  • Coinbase Is the number one wallet provider, offering free use with absolutely no transaction fees - they pay them for you.
  • XAPO run one of the most popular free online wallet services at the moment. Part of the reason for this is because they offer the most generous welcome offer programs, giving away as much as 20,000 Satoshis to anybody who opens an account and verifies their identity using a mobile phone (no cost to do this - they send you an sms with a code you enter on their site). Their regular wallet has no fees, but they do also offer a super-secure 'vault' service for larger amounts which you don't need instant access to, for which there is a charge. They are also in the process of launching their own debit card, which will obviously have some fees attached if you choose to use it.
  • Qoinpro is a little bit different to the other two listed above, but its well worth taking a look at. Its a 'multicurrency wallet' which you can use for free to send and receive bitcoin as well as a fairly good range of different alt coins. Instead of giving you a single payment as a welcome bonus for signing up, they give you a really small number of bitcoins - as well as all of the other coins they support - every single day. You don't have to even visit the site or complete captchas or anything to get the freebies, they just add them automatically to your balance. Its tiny amounts, but it adds up over time, you can increase your amounts by refering others, and of course the fact that its multiple coins means the value adds up quite a bit.
  • The Browser Bank is a secure web wallet which you can access from any device, but which doesn't require your private key to leave your browser. An integrated faucet to test The Browser Bank wallet is planned to be launched soon.